3D visuals to take your marketing imagery to the next level.

Newland Design is a one man agency ran by me, Jip Nieuwland. I operate as a freelancer and will collaborate with friends or specialists if needed to complete your project.

My job is to tell stories through imagery using 3D rendering. I can visualise the experience you want your customers to have when using your product. 3D Rendering is an interesting and cost-effective alternative for traditional product photography and filming. You can have access to exciting and engaging product images or animations, to be used for marketing purposes, long before the project is completed so that you can be one step ahead of your competitors. Rendering also allows for very rapid iterations and unique camera angels, backdrops and lighting setups that simply aren't possible with photography.

More about me

My workflow; simple and effective.

We start by trying to answer the following questions; What is your project brief? What is your budget? What are our expectations? Am I the right fit for your project? What are your deadlines?

When we have signed an agreement I get to work and will come back with a proposal for a 3D model, perspective and lighting for renders, or an animation storyboard and shotlist.

When I have your approval I will design a final 3D model, image or animation and ask for your feedback. You always get two revisions included.
When you are 100% happy with the results you receive the final files, images, models, or animations.

Sounds interesting?

Feel free to send me an email at jip@newlanddesign.nl